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Xzavier Malone

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Scouting Report

Strengths: Malone made major strides from his sophomore to junior year, emerging as a Division I prospect. Perhaps changing schools (from Martin Luther King to P-W) has enabled the scoring wing to display his full range of offensive ability. Malone is a very good shooter off screens, spot up and off the dribble. The left-hander also likes to slash if his defender decides to play the jumpshot. He likes to drive if the game becomes physical and can mix it up and finish if he gets in the paint. He’s a very poised player, who doesn't get rattled too often and shows heart in the big moment. Also a very good on-ball defender, using his size and length to his advantage on the defensive end.      

Weaknesses: Physically has to get stronger, which will help him finish against contact at the rim. He also needs work on his ball handling to get a tighter handle against high-level defenders, which would enable him to play off-guard at the mid-major level.

Overall: Although Malone possess almost all the attributes on the court you need to play at the Division I level, he also needs to be physically fit to play at that level. Malone's summer should consist of weightlifting and dribbling drills if he wants to be the slashing guard he plans on being at the next level.    

Last updated: April 7, 2015