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Vaughn Covington

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Scouting Report

Strengths: Heady guard with a great basketball IQ who comes from a winning program that’s churned out very good Division I guards. Good length and likes playing defense, using his quick hands to get in passing lanes and start the fast break. Keeps his head up in transition, looks for his teammates and makes the right play a majority of the time. Good 3-point shooter, especially when he has a second to set his feet.

Weaknesses: Though he’s used to playing around a lot of talent, needs to work on being more assertive at times and being more than just a 3-point shooter. Needs to add muscle, especially in his upper body.

Overall: A good student, Covington would be a perfect fit in the Ivy/Patriot range, but his frame suggest a late growth spurt could be in the works. If that happens, his stock could rise, but he really needs to work on getting stronger and showing he can really command a team if his stock wants to get above the low-to-mid-major range. -

Last Updated: April 7, 2015