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Tyree Pickron

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Scouting Report

Strengths: Tough, physical wing plays hard no matter the setting. Likes to attack the basket in a straight line, and isn’t afraid of contact. Manages to get his shot off against taller defenders, or finds a way to draw contact and get to the line. Decent lateral quickness and strong upper body helps him be a good perimeter defender, though he’ll need to continue working on his foot speed. Doesn’t mind going up against opposing forwards for rebounds, and will often get his own misses.

Weaknesses: Still needs a lot of work on his handle if he wants to create his shot against Division I guards. Needs to work on his shooting, developing a mid-range game and pull-up, also needs to get better at pulling up in transition so defenders will respect his shot-fake.

Overall: Already has a Division I body and motor, but now his game needs to come around to match. If he can continue to develop his ball skills and outside shooting over the next two years, Pickron has a chance to be a very good mid-major guard or better with his physical style of play.

Last Updated: April 7, 2015