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Scouting Report

Strengths: Has a pass-first mentality when leading the offense, and is clearly the leader on the floor for his team. Listens to his coach and relays the communication to his teammates. Has a high basketball IQ - knows how to dictate the tempo of the offense. He is able to penetrate the defense, drawing defenders, due to their respect for his inside game; because of the attention he attracts, he often kicks the ball out to an open man on the perimeter - very effective. Shows the ability to move on from mental errors quickly and remains calm even after costing his team a basket. Plays stingy defense, aggressive on the boards. Very skilled mid-range jump shooter; can face up defenders and pull up from anywhere inside the three-point line.

Weaknesses: He tends to reach on defense, especially following a steal on the former possession. Needs to work on becoming more consistent with driving, as he has a tendency to get a little too fancy with his ball handling when taking it to the hole. In the halfcourt defense, he sometimes plays off of his man giving them space to launch an open shot. Due to his 5-foot-11 stature, he is a bit undersized, which puts him at a disadvantage in the interior.

Overall: Johnson will most likely find a fit in a Division II or III program. Coaches will be attracted to his leadership skills and command of the court. While he may not always provide a scoring presence, his effort and knowledge of the game will be a constant. If he further develops his mid-range jumper and is able to foster a more consistent inside game, his value will increase.