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Tyler Norwood

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Scouting Report

Strengths: True competitor at the point guard position who plays confidently despite still being an underclassman in high school; displays good leadership characteristics and is very vocal and overall assertive on the court. Solid ball-handler who can work his way to open spots, likes to utilize a pull-up jumper in the foul line extended around but also will spot up from 3-point range when he has a little space. Good passer with both hands who sees the floor and can kick out to shooters when attacking the basket.

Weaknesses: Definitely on the small side in terms of height and weight, and will definitely need to work on his strength during the offseason to compensate as opponents continue to make him a bigger part of scouting reports. Gets up in the air too often to make passes, which he gets away with for now but will result in turnovers against older and tougher defenders.

Overall: Norwood has emerged during his sophomore season as a guard to watch in District 1 moving forward. Has a developing confidence to his game that he can hold his own on the court, and that will serve him and Penncrest well over his junior and senior seasons. Right now, because of his size and the fact that he's not an elite-level athlete, he projects as potential scholarship-level small-college prospect by the time he's a senior, and will benefit from a program with multiple capable ball-handlers to allow him to play both on and off the ball.

Last Updated: January 23, 2016