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Stevie Jordan

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Scouting Report

Strengths: Smiling on the court as much as he scores, the junior combo guard really looks to create for his teammates a lot of the time and still scores at a effective rate. He’s a really good spot up shooter and his handle is pretty good; he likes to get into the paint and find the open player. Jordan can score at the basket; he’s a good athlete, likes to play the point but won’t force the issue if the other guards have the ball in their hands.  

Weaknesses: Tends to over-dribble sometimes and goes east to west with his dribble too much instead of north to south. Has to commit to the defensive end more, as he relies on his help instead of keeping the man in front of him. Has to work on shooting off the dribble.

Overall: Jordan is a very good player, though would like to see him fully commit to being the point guard of the team. With the talent around him he should easily average six to eight assists a game with double-digit assist games here and there. He’s likely a low Division I player, though he would be a great Division II player.

Last Updated: March 3, 2015