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Seth Pinkney

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Scouting Report

Strengths: Tall, extremely long and lanky, and athletic. Has shown flashes of being dominant on the glass. Does most of his scoring off put backs from offensive rebounds. Protects the rim on defense by changing and blocking opponent's shots. He does a got job of challenging shots while standing straight up, letting his long arms cause most of the disruption. He can move well, which allows him to rotate quickly, be an effective help defender, and guard outside the post. Sets good screens and always rolls straight to the basket. Runs the floor well in the open court. In transition, he runs directly to his spot in the post or goes to the basket looking for the opportunity to score at the rim.

Weaknesses: Hasn't found his offensive game as of yet. Skinny/slender body frame, which plays to his disadvantage because stronger post players can knock him out of position and box him out. This also results in him sometimes not having the presence on the boards that you'd hope during stretches of a game. If he doesn’t block a shot, opponents can finish through him. Getting stronger/bulkier will be a vital part to his overall development.

Overall: Pinkney has the tools to be a dominating interior defender. His low post defense and shot blocking are already there. He just needs to add more strength in order to consistently hold his own on the block against stronger players. Offensively he’ll continue to be a work a progress. Adding a mid-range jumper or even a few steady post moves over the next two years will make him that much more of an intriguing Division I prospect given the fact he’s already 6-foot-8 with plenty of time to still grow into his body. With that said, his length, defensive prowess, rebounding, and athleticism, surely puts him in the category of one of the area’s younger players with the most upside.

Last update: July 27, 2015