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Scouting Report

Strengths: Heath is a silky smooth combo guard who shows promise as a real two-way player. As a freshman for Abington High School, he got major minutes because of his main offensive skill: shooting. He has a very nice shooting stroke and can really get going at times. As a sophomore he stepped into a much more prominent role as one of the primary ball handlers for Abington. He showed his ability to initiate the offense and get his teammates involved. In general he does prefer to operate off the ball. He’s very intelligent with his movements; dynamic when cutting to the basket or running off screens, something you don’t often see from kids his age. His handle is not as tight as it needs to be yet, but he utilizes hesitation crossovers pretty effectively to attack closeouts. Nice soft touch on his floater. On defense he competes very hard. He’s a good on ball defender and looks like he genuinely enjoys the challenge of shutting down his opponent. Almost always in his stance. Slides his feet well and shows good anticipation: specifically plays passing lanes and often gets steals. Also shows his anticipation when grabbing rebounds and loose balls.

Weaknesses: With the lack of guards willing to operate off the ball in today’s game, Heath’s skill set will prove to be very valuable as he progresses. However it will still help his game if he is able to improve his ability as a secondary ball handler / shot creator. He could improve his jumper off the bounce a bit; it is not quite as solid as his jumper off the catch. Also would like to see him tighten up his handle.

Overall: This kid is a very heady guard who will continue to grow as a player as he matures both physically and mentally. Right now he definitely projects as a 2 guard. As his shot creation and handle improve he may be able to operate as a more ball dominant guard at the college level if his team needs him to be. But regardless, teams will certainly have use for a guy like Heath who can knock it down from the outside off the catch, and be a plus defender at the guard position. While he doesn’t hold any offers yet, expect that to change soon as he will continue to lead the Ghosts over the next two years, which will surely result in him garnering some interest from schools in need of a guy with his skill set.