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Riley Thompson

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Scouting Report

Strengths: Crafty offensive player with a great feel for the game and ability to score in multiple ways. Plus 3-point shooter playing either on the ball; has the ability to pull up and drain shots with a hand in his face but also squares up well off screens. Can break his man down off the dribble and get into the lane, where he likes to utilize a fairly trustworthy floater. Not flashy, but knows how to make a pass when the shot isn’t there and moves well off the ball. Pesky defender with good hands who likes to bother opposing ballhandlers.

Weaknesses: Not a tremendous athlete, and can be overpowered at times when he has to guard bigger guards and wings. Sometimes gets a little shot-happy when his shot isn’t falling, and needs to work on settling for better looks when that’s happening instead of forcing the issue.

Overall: There’s certainly more to Thompson than initially meets the eye, and when he gets going he’s very tough to stop. Though physically he’s somewhat limited in terms of his overall strength and athleticism, he’s learned to compensate for that with confidence in his ability to get to where he wants on the court. He’s going to make some high-academic Division III school very happy with what he brings on and off the court.