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Prep Hoops Top 250 Expo Standouts (Sept. 30)

10/03/2023, 10:15am EDT
By Chad Graham

By Chad Graham (@CGraham_Sports)

COLLEGEVILLE — Prep Hoops hosted its Top 250 Expo at the iRoy Multi Sport Complex on Saturday. Here are the standouts from the event:


Justin Bobb, 2026 Conwell-Egan)

Justin Bobb (2026 | Conwell-Egan)
The young post player has made huge strides over the past year. The more games he gets under his belt, the better his feel becomes. On Saturday, Bobb was "Johnny on the spot." He aggressively went after rebounds, giving his team the edge in that department. As soon as the ball came off the rim on offense, there he was to quickly put it back. Similarly, when his teammates drove to the paint, Bobb made himself available for drop offs which he turned into layups. 

Jordan Dill (2026 | Germantown Friends)
A 5-10 combo guard, Dill demonstrated that he could lead a team of guys he never played with. His jumper was the key. All he required was a hand down to pull up from NBA range. Next, he used the threat of his three-ball to get his teammates involved. Overplaying his jumper meant Dill could easily get into the paint, draw help, and find the open man. Then, as opposing teams tried to force the ball out of his hands, he gladly maneuvered off-ball to get himself open for more shots from behind the arc. 

Dominic Downs (2026 | Salesianum, Del.)
Downs' trip across state lines was well worth it. The face-up four-man maximized the unstructured environment by playing off of the many ball-handlers around him. His ability to pick-and-pop helped slashers get to the cup and helped him get open looks. He was good in the mid-range and from three. The touches he got on the perimeter resulted in points for more than just him. Downs also used them as opportunities to throw dimes and get a few hockey assists with cross-court passes. 

Donovan Fromhartz, 2025 Downingtown West)

Donovan Fromhartz (2025 | Downingtown West)
More than just a shooter, Fromhartz is a well-rounded wing. If he didn't like the first look he got, he would immediately get off the ball, then relocate into an open three. Defensive rotations and closeouts weren't safe either. Fromhartz attacked those and consistently made the right play to score himself or extend the advantage with a pass to someone else. He brought that same intensity and high motor to the opposite end as well. The 20-pieces he was dropping on offense only fueled this activity on defense. 

Cory Hogan (2026 | Conestoga)
Hogan's team battled adversity all day and he responded by putting them on his back for multiple stretches. At 6-3, the refined sophomore won with craft and footwork. He took smaller guards down in the mud and posted them up. Hogan did the same on offensive rebounds and as a cutter. With patience and quickness, he made reverse layups and baby hook shots over more athletic defenders. The best part is that he's not done growing and that he still has a lot of ball left to play. 

Trey Kern, 2025 Boyertown

Trey Kern (2025 | Boyertown)
The 6-5 wing was the quintessential player off-the-catch. Kern was always shot-ready. As soon as someone swung him the rock, lefty could rise and fire over anyone with his high release. Just as smooth inside of the arc, Kern showed the ability to jab steps and rip through to get two feet in the paint, then jump-stop and pass or finish. His pacing was the same off-ball. He frequently caught defenders sleeping by cutting backdoor or relocating into a window for three.

Jordan Shaffer (2026 | Abington Heights)
Regardless of where he's from, Shaffer is a true hooper. He played the super majority of all four games and still went shot-for-shot with the camp's more heralded participants. Shaffer handed out buckets all day. Trying to run him off the line? One dribble, sidestep three. Trying to blitz or trap him? Skip pass for an open three or layup. He crashed the glass and defended too. The 6-4 guard utilized those transition opportunities to compromise the defense before they could get set. 

Honorable Mention:

Reese Fitzgibbons (2025 | Haverford), Danny Fleischood (2026 | Wyomissing), Sal Iemello (2025 | Methacton), Jalen Lee-Womack (2024 | Northeast), Emmanuel Kenyi (2024 | Phelps School), Julius Marshall (2025 | Pottsgrove), Rainier Ramos (2025 | Reading), Brant Rath (2024 | Boyertown), Domenic Raymond (2024 | Nottingham, N.J.), Michael Rooney (2024 | Emmaus), Tyler Royal (2026 | Carlisle), Joseph Taylor (2026 | Cheltenham), Elijah Wilson (2026 | Owen J. Roberts)

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