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Holy Family's Prevost takes step forward with guidance from Moore

02/16/2023, 12:45pm EST
By Jared Leveson

Jared Leveson (@jared_leveson)
PHILADELPHIA — Carolyn “Cam” Prevost’s emergence for Holy Family University this season has coincided with her budding friendship with teammate and roommate Moe Moore

The duo is formidable on the hardwood and their connection off the court is a big reason why. 

“We’re inseparable,” Prevost said. “We spend a lot of time together. We’re really with each other in the room when we don't have class, and just constantly going out with each other, staying in with each other, (we) just like to have each other’s company.” 

Moore and Prevost also live with teammate Anujan Dashdorj. The three love to talk, watch movies, and hangout. But when living with other people, each tenant bears certain responsibilities and serves different roles. Dashdorj is the chef, Moore is the clean one, and Prevost, well, she provides the entertainment. 

“I very much keep everyone entertained,” Prevost said. “Moe said that I could have my own reality show. I definitely create entertainment based on the stuff going on in my life and I can talk for probably hours. So we get along that way.” 

“I'm pretty laid back,” Moore added, chuckling. “But you always hear her voice regardless of where she’s at.”

Holy Family's Cam Prevost shoots a free throw while teammate Moe Moore watches from behind. (Photo: Courtesy Holy Family Athletics)

Though things were not always so perfect for Prevost and her roommates. The 6-foot-1 center arrived at Holy Family during the pandemic in the fall of 2020, which upended the traditional student-athlete experience. Prevost found it hard to connect with others and her confidence on the court dipped.

But when life and college basketball slowly returned to normalcy the following season, Prevost continued struggling mentally, trying to cope with the traumatic experiences of the prior year. Moore stood by Prevost during her struggles on and off the court, forging a bond that’s growing stronger each day. Their connection is translating to success on the court for the Tigers too, now 18-8 overall and 13-3 in the CACC.

When the pair first met during the 2020 preseason, they didn’t get the chance to truly connect because the pandemic forced Holy Family to practice in positional unit pods and eventually canceled their 2020 season. 

“We were working in small groups,” the 5-foot-7 Moore said. “I barely saw (Prevost), when I did see her maybe it was outside of stuff. They split up posts and guards so we didn't have that (much) time to interact covid year.” 

“Personally, it was a really challenging year,” Prevost added.  

Dealing with all the anxieties, pressures, and lifestyle changes that come with one’s freshman year of college are difficult. Then with the weight of the pandemic, and its varying restrictions on social activities and basketball piled on top, Prevost, like many others, suffered. 

Prevost’s frustrations boiled over into her social life. She did not leave the best impression on Moore during the first few interactions they had. 

 “We actually didn't get off to a great start,” Prevost said. “I was not in a great mental space, I wasn't really a pleasure to be around, and I was going through some stuff and we never really got close.” 

Holy Family senior Moe Moore goes up for a layup. (Photo: Courtesy Holy Family Athletics)

The same was true for the rest of Prevost’s team during her sophomore year after an incident outside of basketball trickled into the locker room. When the team began turning on Prevost, Moore didn’t. 

“We faced some adversity within the team,” Prevost recalled. “And (Moore) really stuck up for me and I'll say it till the day I die but she was one of the only people there for me at a time where she didn't have to be. … I was getting in trouble for something that was looked at the wrong way and she was the first one to stick her neck out and stand up for me.” 

“Cam was going through a tough time,” head coach Bernadette Laukaitis added. “ (Within) the regular dynamics of a team, things happen. But Moe and her really grew through that experience. They found a way to come together, communicate and talk and build each other up through it. … Cam was struggling with different things, both on and off the court, and Moe was just there for her. That mutual respect off the floor helped them grow on the floor.” 

There’s no signs of issues anymore between Prevost and the team. The Archbishop Ryan product, Moore, continues to play an integral part in molding Prevost into the player and person that she’s become. 

The Montgomery (N.J.) native is averaging 11.5 points per game, shooting 57% from the field, and pulling down six rebounds per game. All substantial increases from last year when she averaged 6.5 points on 46% shooting, and five rebounds per game last season. 

The senior captain Moore is always supportive and forthright with Prevost whether they're talking about careers, relationships, or basketball. 

“She was very doubtful her first year,” Laukaitis said about Prevost. “Moe was one of those kids that was like, ‘C’mon your good, dominate, lets go!’ Moe was (pumping) positive reinforcement into her when (Prevosts) put in those negative (thoughts herself) and that’s the stuff that Moe really helped her with.

“I think for (Prevost) that really turned her game around, ‘Like wow my team really believes in me, my team wants to help me grow, my team wants to help bring me to who I am and it was just awesome to see that they were able to do that. Literally within a year, from basketball maturity to regular maturity, to her listening and being coached and understanding the little things, she’s turned her game around 180.” 

Prevost had arguably her best game of the season against CACC rival Chestnut Hill on Valentine’s Day. She recorded a 23-point, 10-rebound (four offensive) double-double and shot 10-for-15 from the field. 

Moore had a quieter night on the stat sheet grabbing eight rebounds and notching two assists, but her leadership kept Holy Family (18-8, 13-3) composed down the stretch.

The roommates led the Tigers to a 64-57 win and pushed her team one step closer to securing the conference tournament’s second seed, which they can lock-in with a win over Wilmington University (Del.) (2-23, 1-13), next Wednesday.

“I had to face some really talented post players,” Prevost said. “We just wanted it, especially being on our home court. Now, we can be seeded second again and hopefully play at home in the playoffs.”

“I love her,” Moe added. “If she (can) shoot the ball with more confidence, she would be (even) better. I feel like no one can stop her in this league and I feel like she might be the best post in this league, and they dont give her more props that she deserves.” 

Moore, a former CACC rookie of the year honoree, was mentored by veterans like Elizabeth Radley and Dana Dockery. Moore’s done her part in fulfilling that same mentor role with many players, but especially Prevost. 

Nobody is more grateful for their relationship on and off the court than Prevost herself. 

“Moe and I (have an) undeniable connection,” she said. “Always bouncing off each other's energy, feeding each other the ball, believing in each other, trusting that the other person is capable.

“I would say out of anyone I’ve ever played with, it's been the biggest pleasure to be right next to her.” 

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