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Nazeer Bostick

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Scouting Report

Strengths: Bostick is the player you would take on your team any day of the week. The hard-working small forward is the type of player who does all the work nobody wants to, night in and night out. He’s a great rebounder, a really good defender, can finish at the rim, and is as tough as the come, inviting contact and finishing through it. He’s excellent at cleaning up the offensive glass. Good dribbler.

Weaknesses: The skill set is there for Bostick, but he has to continue to bring these skills along if he wants to excel at the next level: shooting, finishing at the rim in traffic and foul shooting.

Overall: Bostick has the potential to be a great player if he works on his skill set this offseason. Although he’s great at being a clean-up player and could continue down that road and still be a good player at the Division I level, there are bigger things in store for him if he works on his limitations.  

Last Updated: March 5, 2015