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Mike Cubbage

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Scouting Report

Strengths: A 6-foot-3 athletic combo guard who thrives at an up-tempo pace. His aggressive nature and athleticism makes him hard to stop when going full speed to the basket in transition. He uses his speed, quickness, long strides, and good body control to maneuver through defenders and finish with either hand. He can play any of the three perimeter positions, however he's at his best when playing the role of a floor leader and attacker from the point guard spot. He often looks to get to the rim, but he's proven to have the necessary court awareness and playmaking skills and for his teammates. His versatility and length makes him a mismatch problem for opponents. He can post up smaller guards or force bigger post players to step out their comfort zone and defend him on the perimeter. He's an excellent leaper, which allows him to play above the rim, effectively contest and block shots, and sky above his opposition to grab rebounds. His leaping ability and length are two reasons why he is/can continue to develop into a terrific defender. He can make plays in the passing lanes by forcing turnovers and deflections, shuffles his feet well on the perimeter, and really goes after shots as a post defender or if he gets beat (recovers well).

Weaknesses: He has a 'wiry strength,' but getting stronger overall will definitely help him moving forward. His jumper is still developing, as he needs more lift and a smoother release. Throughout a game, he can be kind of predictable because he's always set on going left. Learning to move without the ball will make him a better threat to score and create movement/space for his team's offense.

Overall: Cubbage is a versatile player who has flourishing athletic ability. With that said, he's not without skill. That fact that he's both athletic and skillful makes him a great threat on both ends of the court. He has continued to show that he can be as effective in the half court as he is in transition. He's a smart player and has the tools to be an elite defender at the next level, especially if he adds some bulk to his frame. The rising senior at Winslow Township High School has to keep developing his jumper, but has Division I-type talent.  

Last Updated: July 21, 2015