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Jalen Gabbidon

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Scouting Report

Strengths: Can get past his defender with an explosive first step. Displays excellent passing skills (especially off the dribble) while running the point. Can locate/pass to cutters and teammates standing under the basket for layups. Capable of penetrating with either hand. Really nice handle with a low crossover. Breaks down his man with his dribbling and gets into the middle of the lane consistently. Has a variety of ways he can get a shot off in the paint or at the rim. Sidesteps defenders on his way to the rim. Has exceptional range on his jumper (can pull from anywhere). Stays in motion when off the ball (i.e. cutting the basket and shooting 3-pointers off down, away and back screens). Dangerous catch-and-shooter. Balanced shooting form, smooth/quick release, and follows through. Can knock down pull-up jumpers over outstretched arms or while getting fouled. Shows outstanding elusiveness, passing and court vision in the open floor. Likes to push the ball and is athletic in the open floor (dunks). Has great defensive prowess in the passing lanes and is timely with his jumps when blocking shots (chase down blocks or rotating over from behind). Disrupts ball-handlers and has a knack for being in position to come up with steals. Stays in front of his man and keeps hands active. Does a good job on the boards.

Weaknesses: Willing to use his 6-foot-4 size to post up smaller defenders but he still needs to work on that part of his game. In transition he tends to try to score on multiple defenders instead of bringing the ball back out and setting up the offense. Will have stretches during a game where he’s playing too fast instead of letting the game come to him. Needs to work on finishing with left more consistently. Isn’t overly quick, but still gets to his spots because of his handles.

Overall: Gabbidon, a rising junior, is a combo guard who does it all. He’s a scoring machine who possesses a deadly jumper with exceptional range. He can also be very effective as a primary ball-handler, setting his teammates up nicely with spot-on passes. He’s an active defender and does really at anticipating steals and blocked shots. He should only continue to ascend on that end from here. Gabbidon’s talent and potential has his status as a Division I prospect trending upward.

Last updated: July 29, 2015