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Strengths: Where to even start with one of the most dominant and exciting prospects in the region...Bluntly, already built like a grown man...Runs the floor very well...A truly elite athlete and leaper...Anything thrown up around the rim, it is almost guaranteed he will throw it down and make sure everyone knows about it...Has solid timing on the boards and gives himself multiple put back opportunities...Already an excellent shot blocker...Timing and instincts on the defensive end are just very surprising to see for a high school sophomore...Has improved drastically in the post since his freshman year...A soft touch combined with a series of drop steps, hooks, and a turn around jumper make him a hard match when he gets the ball down low...Continues to develop his perimeter game and has started to pull the trigger on some 10-15ft baseline J's...

Weaknesses: Obviously already a terror on the high school court, what will take the young star not just beyond the high school ranks, but beyond college as well?...Spacing is becoming a premium at all levels...Duren will have to continue to develop his jumper out to where he's comfortable beyond the arc...Adding additional moves and counter moves could help his offensive development going into college, rarely has the opportunity post up anyone his actual size at the moment...Can get careless with the ball on the block leading him susceptible to pressure, but has flashed the vision necessary to kick it out instead of forcing it...

Outlook: We can nitpick all we want, but the bottom line is he's only a sophomore and some development will come in time...Already one of the most talented, if not the most talented, big men in the area...Has proven ability in international competition playing with Team USA...A consensus top 5 player in his class...Duren should have D1 coaches clamoring for his commitment for years to come...

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