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Strengths: Ali is a very heady player. He’s not the most athletic kid but he makes up for it in other areas of his game. He shows promise as a true floor general. He has all the skills you want in a point guard: an advanced handle, a smooth jump shot, and plays with his head up. Is capable of making something happen on his own or just making the simple / right pass to a set up a teammate. His passing arsenal goes beyond that though, as he can also make some incredibly intelligent entry passes into his teammates in the post, as well as finding his shooters on a drive and kick. Defensively he competes and what he lacks in lateral quickness and foot speed, he is often able to make up for in effort and defensive instincts.

Weaknesses: Although he is able to work around it now, It will only help Ali's game if he is able to work on his quickness and agility. As he gets older his opponents will only get bigger and faster, so he will need to keep up to a certain degree despite his ability to excel in most other areas. He also needs to show the ability to shoot off the dribble a little more frequently. He is already very adept in catch and shoot situations, so this should not be a extremely hard for him to work on, but adding that to his arsenal on a more consistent basis will keep defenders honest.

Overall: Ali is a kid with a lot of potential. As a rising sophomore, he already does a lot of things at a very high level. His body shape might initially scare some schools off, but as long as he's productive and efficient, that eventually will be less of a factor. If he continues to round out his game and work on his body, he will be on the soon be on the radar of many Division I schools.