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Scouting Report

Strengths: Dixon is a 6-6 post player with a ton of talent. He is already really polished with his back to the basket: He fights for position early, has a variety of moves in his arsenal, can finish with either hand (though predominantly left); can power it home with his brute strength, or hit a smooth fadeaway on the turn around. Some of his turn around fadeaways in particular are very impressive for a rising sophomore. Dixon can stretch it out to the three-point line, something that will really set him apart from other big men at the college level. He also shows flashes of a neat little handle for a big guy. All in all there are not a lot of things this kid can’t do on the offensive side of the ball.

Weaknesses: Dixon is still a very raw talent. He has the ability to score in the post as mentioned before, but he needs to get better at reading his defender. He specifically needs to improve on taking what is given to him. Sometimes he will still try to force a fadeaway even when his defender is draped all over him, or force a backdown even if his defender is lying off him. Dixon will also need to improve his body in the coming years. Getting in better shape will make him even more valuable and versatile as a big man in college.

Overall: This kid has all the tools to be a big man at the next level. His offensive skill set is already more polished than many big guys 2 to 3 years older than him. If he is able to improve his conditioning this will only increase his stock. Where he ends up on the Division 1 spectrum may have a lot to do with how tall he is in 2 to 3 years. If he stays around the height he is now he should still be a mid-major prospect. On the other hand if he turns out to be at least 6-8, with his developing skill set he will likely be on the radar of many high-major Division 1 programs.