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Eli Alvin

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Scouting Report

Strengths: An exciting player to watch, Alvin is a quick, speedy, and fearless scoring guard whose biggest strength is getting to the rim at will. He's very quick with the ball in his hands and constantly puts pressure on defenses by attacking the rim relentlessly. When he gets to the rim, he's demonstrated his ability to finish around multiple defenders. The 5-foot-10 guard also displays great body control and concentration in the air, often making great use of the glass to score. Does a good job of using pro-hops and spin moves on his way to the basket. If he doesn't score, he's almost certain to draw a foul and head to the charity stripe. He handles the ball pretty well and can dribble, drive and score at the basket with both hands (is a lefty). Has a pretty nice stroke from mid-range and the 3-point line, and can shoot off the dribble (has a pull-up game and has an effective step back jumper). Although he likes to score, he's shown that he's capable of making plays for his teammates with his dribble-drive penetration, forcing defenses to collapse before kicking the ball out to the perimeter or to cutters. He also likes to feed his big men with nice accurate bounce passes inside. Defensively, he can be described as a ball-hawk or pesky defender who makes nothing easy (good with ball denial). He disrupts ball-handlers with his quick hands and feet, and can pick their pick their pockets multiple times during a game. Can guard the full length of the court and defends well on the perimeter. Can block a few shots as a help defender as well. Isn't afraid to mix it up with bigger bodies and go after rebounds.  

Weaknesses: He has a smaller build and will need to add more strength and muscle to his frame. Although he's pesky and quick, defending bigger/stronger guards can be an issue. He's a pretty good shooter, but he still needs to work on his shooting consistency. If defenses can stop him from driving, he'll need to be able to have a reliable jumper. Alvin seemingly plays at a fast pace all the time, which has it's pros and cons. Sometimes he can play too fast, leading to rushed decisions and turnovers. Has to find more ways to be a threat without the ball on offense.

Overall: Alvin is a very talented player who can effectively play both the point and shooting guard positions. He's a good athlete who scores the ball with ease. It doesn't take much for him to decide to put his head down and attack the defense. Seeing the ball go in the basket opens up the rest of the game offensively and gives him great confidence. He’s an aggressive guard who brings high intensity level to both ends of the court. Defensively he gets into the heads of ball-handlers with his ability to pressure them up the court and come up with steals. As his game continues to develop, Division I programs will be sure to look his way.

Last updated: July 15, 2015