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Donovan Spencer

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Scouting Report

Strengths: At 6-foot-3 Spencer's size makes him versatile enough to play shooting guard or small forward while also being able to defend both positions on defense. He's not a natural point guard, but he can also take on the primary ball-handling responsibilities for his team. Offensively, he's a solid mid-range and spot up 3-point shooter. He has good court vision and makes smart plays for his teammates in transition. He's an unselfish player and looks to set his teammates up for scores when the opportunity lends itself. Runs with long strides, which makes up for his lack of quickness in transition and when penetrating in the half court. Penetrates and finishes well with both hands (better with his left). Has a nice spin move. Can post up smaller defenders and is improving his ability to be more effective scoring the ball when he does so. Spencer is an improving defender and uses his length to disrupt shooters and ball-handlers. Gives good effort on defense, can block shots on the perimeter and in the post, and crashes the boards on both ends.  

Weaknesses: Solid ball-handler but can still work on tightening up his handle as he can sometimes dribble too loosely. Puts pressure on the defense in transition as an attacker; however, he can be out of control with the ball at times. Needs to work on his shot selection. Sometimes forces up tough shots in the paint when he doesn't need to. Likes to make plays from the post with his back to the basket, but his passing out of the post has room for improvement.

Overall: Spencer will look to show improvement in every aspect of his game as he’ll be an important part of Timber Creek’s success in his senior season. He is a versatile two-way player who can score the ball and has solid instincts as a passer. He’s good defensively, but is still working on becoming a lock-down defender, which will come with more work on his defensive stance, lateral movement, and better movement of his hips. Overall, Spencer would be a good addition to a Division II program at the next level.

Last updated: September 21, 2015