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Damon Wall

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Strengths: Wall is a tough-as-nails and strong build point guard who makes his presence felt with his physicality. He makes good use of his strength to help him shield off defenders when he attacks the basket. When he puts his head down and attacks the rim, his defenders usually bounce off him, creating space for him to finish more easily. He drives very hard with a full head of steam, making him difficult to stay in front of in the halfcourt or transition. His solid body frame also allows him to absorb contact at the rim while still being able to finish. His ball-handling/driving ability with both hands is solid. Constantly attacking is what he does best, but he’s shown that he can knock down shots as a spot-up shooter on the perimeter as well. He’s an aggressive defender and gets into the chest of the man he’s guarding. Wall gives excellent effort as an aggressive perimeter defender by staying glued to his man and fighting through screens. His strength and quick movement of his feet helps him stay in front of his man and stops him from getting beat off the dribble. It forces his man to either pick up his dribble, redirect his drive, or turn the ball over. Wall does well at at causing turnovers as a on-ball defender. Outside of scoring and defending, you can count on him to make the necessary hustle plays such as coming up with loose balls and crashing the boards for rebounds from the perimeter.

Weaknesses: When he attacks the basket he can sometimes do so without much control. As a result, he can be sloppy with the ball and dribble himself into trouble. Shooting the mid-range jumper is one aspect of his game that he should look to incorporate more as his game continues to expand. Needs to show more consistency shooting off the dribble. Has shown he can fill up the assist column, but he’s more of a scoring point guard at this point; will need to put more focus on making his teammates better if he wants to be considered a floor general. Gets over aggressive on defense at times which leads to unnecessary fouls.

Overall: Wall will look to build on an impressive freshman campaign this upcoming season with Doane Academy. The 5-foot-10 point guard was given plenty of minutes and opportunity to thrive and he didn’t disappoint. Wall’s aggressive scoring nature often came up big for Doane, but what’s not lost in the shuffle is his ability to impact games in different areas. He’s a tough player who puts a ton a effort into locking down his man and creating havoc on the defensive end of the court. The rising sophomore should expect to garner interest from Division I schools before long.

Last updated: July 20, 2015