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Strengths: Has the ability to get hot from three; once he gets in a rhythm, he can sink one from any position beyond the arc. His stroke is consistent, and his shot selection is smart. Will look for the open shot, whether it is his or someone else’s; has good ball movement in the half-court offense. He has developed into the role as a sharpshooter for Conestoga. Can play inside, but is likely to be found on the perimeter, especially the wings.

Weaknesses: Despite his shooting skill, he is sometimes hesitant to fire away. Will look to pass it to the team’s premier or more senior player when the team is faltering. Even though he is capable from taking over a game, he shies away from putting the team on his back. If he is not hitting his threes, he can almost fade away from the box score.

Overall: At the moment he looks to fit the mold of a Division II or Division III program. His ability to shift the momentum of a game with his rhythmic three-point shot will lure coaches’ attention. With his 6-foot-4 frame, his play in his senior season, now that he will be a top player for Conestoga, will determine his future.