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Charlie Brown

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Scouting Report

Strengths: Brown is an excellent spot-up shooter from the perimeter. He has great size and athleticism from the wing. He showcases his athletic ability in the open court, where he runs the floor very well and can finish with dunks or layups over defenders. Getting much better in his ability to pull up and drain jumpers from the baseline and foul line extended, and is attacking the rim with more confidence than ever. High-level defender who can guard multiple perimeter positions and serves as a good weak-side shot blocker. 

Weaknesses: Still needs to work on getting stronger in both his upper and lower body. Can continue to develop and tighten his handle, so he can utilize his one-dribble pull-up with more effectiveness against high-level defenders.

Overall: This late-blooming prospect committed to St. Joseph’s as his stock was still rising, and it appears the Hawks are coming away with a steal. With an extra year of development at prep school, Brown could return to Philly in 2016 and make an impact in the Atlantic 10 right away next fall.

Last updated: July 27, 2015