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Cal Reichwein

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Scouting Report

Strengths: Reichwein is a high-scoring wing player with the ability to be a knockdown 3-point and mid-range shooter (both spotting up and off the dribble), either in the half court or transition. He does a good job of creating open looks for himself, and separation from his defender by running off screens and finding places to spot-up on the perimeter. He can impact both ends of the court in a variety of ways because of his versatility on offense (can play PG, SG, or SF) and defense (can guard effectively guard positions 1-4). On offense, good things tend to happen when he drives baseline or when he's running the offense from the top of the key. His court awareness and terrific passing allows him to find cutters and spot-up shooters on the perimeter. He also possesses a good pump fake, which he uses to help beat his man off the dribble and finish at the rim with layups and floaters. He can also get past his defender with a nice handle (i.e. has a nice in-out-out move) and quick first step. On defense, his quick/active hands, length, and good anticipation skills leads him to come up with a few steals per game. He's tough on the boards and has shown he can throw accurate/long outlet and bounce passes down the court to get his team easy points in transition.

Weaknesses: Perimeter defense needs to improve as far as sliding his feet. Improving his foot speed will help him stay in front of his man and make him better with closing out more quickly when he's contesting shots from deep. He's great at attacking the basket from both sides of the floor and with either hand, but needs to continue to show that he can be just as good finishing with his left than he is with his right. Developing a post game would only add another strong element to his game. He'll be able to utilize his great passing skills from the high or low post.

Overall: Versatility is the best way to describe Reichwein's game. Whether it's on offense or defense, the rising senior is sure to make his presence felt and can be headache for the opposing team to contain. Shooting the ball and scoring seems like second nature, but his passing and playmaking comes just as easy. It's hard to give him a designated position because he can run his team's offense like a point guard, but can make scoring his main priority and play off the ball as either a shooting guard and small forward. Tough defender who thrives off playing the passing lanes and is a capable rebounder. Reichwein has received interest from schools at all three levels; would be a standout at the Division III level and would find his way to being productive at the D-II level as well.

Last updated: July 20, 2015