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Anthony Guilardi

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Scouting Report

Strengths: Has solid court vision when running the offense. Able to hit shots from both mid-range and the 3-point line. Uses his quick first step to blow past his defenders. Shows good burst to the basket when turning the corner off screen-and-rolls. Nice (low) handle with the ball. Demonstrates patience when running screen-and-rolls and makes good decisions. Crafty penetrator and finisher at the rim. Knows how to use his body as a shield when driving to the hoop. Does well with moving without the ball and finding openings in the defenses to receive passes for easy layups. Has a high-arching floater that he resorts to when bigger defenders step up to defend his drives. Scrappy on-ball defender who uses his feet speed to help beat his man to spots on the court. Exerts energy and shows a willingness to make any hustle play necessary to win. Plays physical on both ends of the court.

Weaknesses: Can get caught over-dribbling on the perimeter and it sometimes leads to him getting trapped before turning the ball over. His small physical build puts him at a disadvantage when guarding bigger/stronger opposing guards, but makes up for it with his physicality and fearlessness. Capable jump shooter but has some things that can be worked on from a mechanics standpoint.  

Overall: Guilardi is a small but physical point guard who does everything that it takes to win. He continues to find numerous ways to score the ball despite his small body frame, and isn’t afraid to take on the challenge of guarding bigger players on the defensive end. He’s great competitor and doesn’t mind putting his body on the line when it comes to making hustle plays. Moving forward he needs to continue to perfect his jumper, but he has the talent level to catch the eyes of several Division III programs.