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Strengths: Hoggard, a super-talented guard standing at 6-1, already has great size for an eighth grader. He’s extremely aggressive and competitive, and wants the ball at all times. What really sticks out in Hoggard’s game right now are his playmaking abilities and his defense. He can really break a guy down in isolation and can get to the basket, absorb contact, and finish due to his strong frame. His court vision is very impressive as he is able to pick his teammates out and put them in good spots to score. On defense, Hoggard competes at a level higher than most kids his age. He is always locked in and looks like he enjoys taking on the challenge of shutting down the other team’s best player. He also plays passing lanes using his great instincts to grab a lot of steals which he often turns into basket in transition.

Weaknesses: Hoggard does let his aggressiveness get the better of him at times, and commits needless or excessive fouls on the defensive end. He also forces the issue at times when he makes up his mind that he is going to the basket. His main area of his game that needs improvement is his shot, which is not quite consistent enough yet. However, he has good form and should be able to improve once he puts the work in.

Overall: This kid has the potential to be a real special talent in the coming years. He often plays up an age group (or two) on the AAU circuit for Team Final, but when he plays against other kids his age you can really see the size and skill advantage that he possesses over his classmates. Right now his skillset projects him most likely to be a point guard, but as his body and skill set continue to develop he may grow into more of a ball-handling wing. If that is the case you can bet many high major schools will start to become interested.