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Aiden Newell

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Scouting Report

Strengths: A floor general with great court sense and feel for the game. Displays nice court vision and makes good decisions in the half court. Accurate and crisp with his passes. Able to score from the inside and outside. Dead-eye perimeter shooter. Can heat up from the outside and go on a streak. Good-looking shooting form, as he elevates well and follows through. Possesses a quick step back and one or two dribble pull-up jumper from mid-range. Despite his size, he's shown flashes of being able to get shots off at the rim over taller defenders, especially with his floater. Solid ball-handler, but still needs to tighten things up. Has shown he can drive with either hand. Quick perimeter defender. Pressures ball handlers. Shuffles feet and turns hips well on defense. Active hands that allows him to poke the ball loose or force steals.

Weaknesses: Undersized. Can get stronger. Not overly athletic, quick, or speedy. Still needs to work on his finishing ability. Needs to make himself a threat off the ball. Needs to take advantage of his shooting ability when he’s playing off the ball (i.e. staying in motion and running off screens creating space for himself to spot up on the perimeter). Active hands on defense, but reaches a lot, resulting in fouls.

Overall: The 5-foot-8 point guard for Upper Merion is a solid floor general who plays under control. He plays within the offense and makes the correct plays at the right time for himself and his teammates. He’s a really great shooter and can get on a roll from behind the perimeter. He has also has a nice mid-range jumper as well. Solid on-ball defender and has shown that he’s capable of forcing turnovers. Newell should be a good contributor to a Division III program.

Last updated: August 5, 2015